The spirit of Nira is born out of our belief that today’s discerning guests seek a more authentic, exceptional experience

Nira conjures a modern idiom of luxury, born from the pursuit of excellence and a belief that perfection is only the foundation that we build on. To us, pleasure is not a state of being; it is the primordial purpose of the soul. We believe that exquisite travel and dining experiences are no longer dependant on superficial glamour and regimented operating procedures. There is a place for eclectic design and ever-so-subtle eroticism.

Increasingly, guests are looking for a sense of sincerity and integrity, with service that comes straight from the heart. To us, true hospitality is about ‘your way’, a touch of our hand and the passion that binds the two. It is about the creation of hedonistic havens, where all manner of whims and desires are indulged.

We favour a natural approach to hospitality, based on understanding, warm-heartedness and the occasional need for a place of sanctuary. Where abundant stimulation and relentless distraction has become intrinsic to many lives, the true luxury we offer is time and space. This more sensitive attitude to running hotels, resorts and restaurants stems from our spiritual and compassionate roots, born out of Asia.