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Fish Shack at Shanti Maurice

Imagine sitting on beach with the sound of the waves lapping at the shore while you dine on freshly caught fish, barbequed to order.

Welcome to Fish Shack. The concept is simple - great food in beautiful surroundings. Fresh, simple, locally sourced.

Kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes while enjoying the setting. Surfboards, abandoned boats and a rusty anchor invoke the sense of the sea while the sounds of the ocean caress you. Come as you are and enjoy an evening of food and music you'll never forget at Shanti Maurice...


We pride ourselves on serving the highest quality, locally-sourced food.

The freshest fish, meat and game is grilled on request and served with a selection of salads and herbs picked from our garden a few hours earlier. The menu, depending on the previous night’s catch and the morning market, might include grilled prawns, lobster, sea bass, tuna, snappers, chicken and lamb chops...

We like to keep our drinks as local and authentic as our food... cocktails feature rum from the local distillery, while the beer selection introduces the finest offerings from the village brewery. Take your pick, sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

As for the enterainment for the evening - experience our Sega dancers with their captivating beats and rhythms this traditional dance is known for.

This is a true Mauritian experience not to be missed...

Written by  Kate Selvaratnam

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