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Sunsets at Shanti Maurice

Situated in the south of the island, the beach at Shanti Maurice is the perfect spot to sit and watch the sun disappear behind the ocean…

We’ve collected a few of our favourite beautiful sunset shots from guests…

Taking what has to be one of our all time favourite shots (above) is from Irene's Closet - a travel and lifestlyle blogger who recently stayed with us.

Whether you're at Shanti as a couple, a family or with friends, there's nothing better than spending time with your nearest and dearest and watching the colour of the change as the sun sinks behind the ocean, calling an end to another day in paradse.

Image credit: Anton Floquet

Sit, sip a cocktail or take a stroll along the sand as the colours of the sunset light up the sky...

The pier at Shanti Maurice is often a key focus of photos by guests, and with this shot, it's easy to see why...

Image credit: Anais & Pedro

Written by  Kate Selvaratnam

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