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True Romance: Proposals at Nira Caledonia

Recently named one of the most romantic hotels in the world, we’ve seen our fair share of love and romance at Nira Caledonia.

We reached out to a few couples who said ‘yes’ while staying with us to hear their story…

Kevin and Rachel

Kevin & Rachel

My boyfriend proposed to me in one of your jacuzzi suites... He told me we were going for a day out to go Christmas shopping when he pulled up outside the hotel and told me to get out the car - he had a surprise for me. He had packed me a little suitcase with everything I would need for a night away. We then walked into the most beautiful hotel and up to the room. I didn’t notice the jacuzzi at first but wow! He then proposed in the room after we had been out to dinner. We then spent the rest of the time drinking champagne and sitting in the jacuzzi admiring my new sparkly ring!

Heather and Ryan

Heather & Ryan

Ryan proposed to me here on 16th December 2014 after we had a lovely meal in your restaurant. He proposed to me at the bar area as I sat in the massive seat in the corner. Your staff were amazing and managed to calm down a very nervous Ryan! He got them to play John Legends "All of Me" as he came out the reception area into the restaurant and got down on one knee to propose. Ryan also arranged for a romantic turndown in the jacuzzi suite we had booked. Best night ever!

Matt and Donna

Matt & Donna

At the top of Arthur's Seat, I turned round Matt was on one knee with a ring in his hand and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!

When we got back to the hotel we were stopped as we passed through reception to be told there had been some issues with our room and if it was ok with us could we move rooms? Matt had arranged for the room to be upgraded to a suite for the rest of our stay and it was amazing! There was champagne on ice ready! After our night out celebrating we then came back to a room full of rose petals and candles and even a letter from the staff congratulating us! The staff were so helpful with the proposal plans - I know Matt was very appreciative of all the help he had to make all those extra special finishing touches happen!


Rosie and Jason

Rosie & Jason

Jason suggested we go to a little balcony that our guide at Edinburgh Castle had told us had some of the best views of the city. Not realising Jason was trying to get me to go somewhere beautiful and quiet so that he could propose, I said ‘Let’s go and see the prisoner of war dungeons first!’! So my poor nervous man had to traipse around the dungeons behind me for another 15 minutes, whilst I read all about the history of the prisons and tried to understand why Jason didn’t seem interested in it at all!

After we’d finished touring the dungeons, and I’d made Jason wait *again* whilst I stopped to buy water (he told me afterwards he couldn’t believe how difficult it was to get me to the little balcony where he wanted to propose!) we went out to the viewpoint to admire the city. And then, right there in the sunshine and the breeze, overlooking the whole of the city, Jason got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was perfect.

Image credit: Sam Docker

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Written by  Kate Selvaratnam

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