Catering for people who live life with fervour and passion, we create sanctuaries that satisfy all the senses

Nira hotels and resorts are for nomadic people who realise that sincerity and enthusiasm are the qualities that create a spirit of genuine hospitality. For these discerning guests, travel is not a thrill but a quest for primordial fulfilment and serenity. We meet these needs, striking a memorable balance between spontaneity and sophistication. Our spaces let guests explore their senses, living an adventure every moment.

Attracting the broadest spectrum of nomadic, affluent leisure travellers, we offer opportunities to do everything or do absolutely nothing. We are in tune with our guests’ belief that meeting new people at a barbecue can be as satisfying as finding one’s inner self at the spa. We agree that living life to the full is often more fun after interludes of splendid inactivity.


Havens of stylish, elegant escapism, our resort environments are designed with simple materiality, consummate craftsmanship and rich moods 

Nira stands as a temple of Art & Architecture, where evocative horizons offer space to contemplate what is most important – you. Our attention to authenticity and creative design combines indigenous materials with cutting-edge modern technology, culminating in a living experience steeped in enlightened, thoughtful luxury. Arising from nature, it blossoms with the elements, rather than in spite of them. This casual elegance is a synchronised harmony of innovative design and comfort.


Focusing on guests’ individual needs and desires, service at Nira is intuitive, passionate and committed to integrity

Our guests cherish individuality, expect refinement and assume meticulous attention to detail. So do we. Every wish and whim is attentively indulged. We believe that devotion to detail and quality is truly the difference between greatness and mediocrity. Each member of staff is passionate about the details, while realising that the best details are often those that do not take themselves too seriously.

We strive to create compelling experiences and a human interface that is guest centric. Above all, we recognise that holidays are the most pleasurable times, so we meticulously create experiences that are genuine and exceptional. We are devoted purely to pleasure, offering warm-hearted, guest-centric hospitality based on philosophy not guidelines. Regardless of the climate or season, we promise our guests true warmth.

These ten commandments act as our guiding principle:

  • Guests arrive as residents, leave as friends and return as family
  • We have a culture of listening, observing and delivering
  • The answer is yes, now tell me the question
  • ‘Atithi devo bhava’ (Guest is God)
  • Perfection is a passion for details
  • ‘Es ist eine Ehre ein Gastgeber sein zu dürfen’ (It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be a host)
  • The culinary art is sacred
  • We provide our guests with authentic spa experiences
  • Trust is built from reciprocal loyalty
  • We are devoted to pleasure for our guests